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These web pages are created as a celebration of a man who has reached

that classic 9th decade of life and who earns the prestigious title of



Now about that guy we know as Jack, Jackson or, in my case, Bro:

Jack is a bit of an enigma in that upon knowing him beyond any superficial way he seems too diversely talented to be believable.

If you took Huckleberry Finn, Evil Kneivel, Einstein, Jack Nicholas, Shakespeare, Dave Brubeck, Socrates, C. S. Lewis and an average Joe

you would have the main recipe ingredients God concocted in the making of our Jack.             

This gives you the Adventurous-Dare Devilish-Brainy-Golf-loving-Poetic-Jazzy-Philosophic-Spiritual-Down-to-Earth guy

we've come to know and love.


Calendar of Events in Jack's exciting life:

1926 - Born Jack Richard Stowell on April 20th to Dwight & Ruth (McGlennen) Stowell in Findlay, Ohio

1944 - Graduated from Findlay High School

1944 - Enlisted in US Air Force during WWII (stationed in Texas and at Langley Field, Virginia as Flight Cadet

1946-1950 - Attended Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky. Graduated with BS degree.

Among other things, sang baritone in the traveling Ambassador Quartet.

(Worked for father's home-building business in Findlay during summer breaks)

1950-1951 - Headed the Escola Americana, a 75 student school in Isle of Pines, Cuba

1951-1954 - Attended Oberlin Graduate School of Theology, Oberlin, Ohio

Also served as Pastor of Bascom Methodist Church, Bascom, Ohio during same years

!955-1961 - Served as a missionary in Manila, Phillipines with Overseas Crusades, an ecumenical service organization

1962-1967 - Served as Field Director for Overseas Crusades in Sau Paulo, Brazil

1968-1973 - With two partners, bought Portland, Or and SeattleWA franchises of Management Recruiters Inc.

They added specialty divisions called "Office Careers" and "Compusearch".

1974 - Restructured recruiting business under the name of Murphy, Symonds & Stowell. Company was sold in 1989.

1981 - Meanwhile, Jack and Els Culver, co-founder of Mercy Corps., also founded ProTem, a temporary employment firm,

which they owned until 2007.

1989 - Jack partnered with Jim Chapel to launch the executive consulting firm Chapel-Stowell. This company was purchased

in 1996 by Right Management, an international Leadership Development company. They retained Jack as a senior consultant until 2011.

When jack retired in 2012, he was 86 and still playing tennis and golf. His marriage while in college to mary Ann Symonds produced

three children, six grandchildren and a life of wonderful adventure. After Mary Ann's tragic death from a brain tumor in 1992,

he was blessed to meet and marry Susan. They actively enjoy a full and productive life with their families, their church, their library

involvement, and their many friends.


In his 9 decades of LIFE (and I DO mean LIFE!) Jack has lived the life of a cat who has 9 lives. After all, he IS a Cool Cat, and

should be known as CatMan!! A person who absorbs all the material from these web pages will have only a small snipet of Jack's

super-active life but can begin to see the magnitude of his accomplishments. May Jack truly appreciate all that he himself has left so far for this world to enjoy. And just think, Bro, you still have at the very least another decade or so to leave even more! God bless you always, dear brother....