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Jack's Birthday Wishes Page 1

Hey Bro,
I hope you know I would give anything to be there to help you celebrate these 90 wonderful years, but I do hope you have many long hours of enjoyment out of this website, which I truly enjoyed creating over the past month.
 I hope you will share it with your friends and family all over the world! 
Love , Gary































































Reading this and looking at the pictures was a very rich experience.  I so admire how you have constantly made your life rewarding for yourself but also to the thousands of others who have had the privilege of knowing you and to love you.  It is especially gratifying to me to see you after grief, a stroke, and all kinds of stress,  still looking so healthy and happy just like you did when I discovered what a special person you are more than 40 years ago.  We love you Jack.

Samuel Goodwin













































Happy 90th birthday Uncle Jack!!!!!
We wish we could have been there
to celebrate this very special milestone
with you!
You're truly the most active 90 year old
we know with an easy going, fun-loving
attitude to boot.  Most people could only
dream of being as full of energy when
they get to your age!! We have had many years of wonderful memories together and know that at the rate you're going, we'll have decades more!  
We hope you have a wonderful party and we hope to see you soon! 
With love and many birthday wishes,
Diane and Mark